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Nice article. I look at images like the child in the barber chair (which I really love) and think of it as improvisational portraiture. Then, I looked at the subheading of your blog and I imagine you agree with me!

I'd consider changing the title if possible, though. I live near Chicago and street shooting your children has a bit of a sinister sound to it.
Thank you! That's Aidan, the eldest of my twin boys and that's my second favorite photo of him thus far... and one I can't wait to bring out the first time he brings a girlfriend over.

As for the title, "street shooting" is an extremely common euphamism for street photography, the same way "snapshooting", a hunting term, is commonly associated with casual photography or the phrase "take a shot" more often means snap a photo then shoot an actual bullet. I think it should be okay... the article is actually a year old (look at the orig. post date) and there have been no complaints during that time.