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    I've a coworker who started out with wedding photography & film, then moved to digital, and now has an online magazine (and has started real-life publications). He doesn't do weddings anymore (except the odd favor). Basically, he said it can often not be worth the drama. It is an important event, and many people can be overbearing or have unrealistic expectations. Just something to keep in mind if you decide to attempt this.

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    For what its worth

    When I am pricing out a quoted price is always better than by the hour
    I give at less
    1. some detail what is including (time on job site, number of photos and if book is made(
    2. when I will be done with the work (photos and books)
    3. some detail of quality , equipment and materials you use.
    4. What not included and will not do

    I have work in Manufacturing Hangar doors, Custom work machine work and gunsmith I not been ever paid for photography work
    Ever one was happy even if had to go back the quote and say it was not in the quote and will be happy to do that for this price
    This save and made a lot of money for me and almost all time they happy too. They will be one or two a year that will need some free just give them a few thing and will save you lot of headache then next time change them extra for the headache,

    Note: By the hour is almost always they will say you took to long so and so would do it for $xxxx.xx

    Good luck
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