I'm not sure about what your specific processing recipe is ... I can only extrapolate from what I do with JOBO drums, in a JOBO processor. Do you wash your prints in the drums, or remove them and wash then separately? I wash them with six changes of water, for thirty seconds each. That is sufficient to clear all chemistry. Then I wipe out the drum with a large wad of paper towels ... It is necessary to have the drum DRY for the next print, or *big* streaks will be present.

It is possible to replenish, to save chemistry. The "rule of thumb" there is to replace 30% of the used (color) developer or (bleach-) fixer with fresh chemistry - and there should be no significant change in results. Where the volume of chemistry is low, as in the JOBO (100ml for an 11" x 14" print), howeveer, it is not really worth the trouble - to me anyway.