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    Technidol VS TD-3 with TP, the economics of it...

    Hi folks, I am mulling over an idea.....

    I have about 400 rolls of TP in 120 and 35mm, have some fun plans with it in going forward. While I have a decent stock of Technidol, 100+ packets that make 8oz of solution each, I also have 10 small boxes of TD-3 which is supposed to be able to soup an average of 20 rolls of 35mm TP, I would logically expect 10 rolls of 120 from it. I have used Technidol which is kind of funky in it's wet reel drop in and vigorous agitation, but it works.

    So I have spent over an hour in trying to get a more definitive answer in terms of comparing the two in getting replies that go beyond simply saying one is better than the other, because if I ebay'd all my Technidol, which is new in the box and then replaced it with the right amount of TD-3, I would have enough money left over for more important things like paper to print on. The only comparison I can glean anything from is this one, but I am wanting a little more than that since I am going to be mostly printing these negs, not scanning them.

    I also feel like that I would rather master one developer and get the most out of it instead of having two and going back and forth, so TD-3 being still available, having a better roll count per unit and a seemingly wide gamut of dilution ratios appears to be a better bet despite the notion that Technidol is still the best.

    So....talk to me, what are the differences I am going to see in printing from TP negs souped in Technidol and TD-3?
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    I think you should try both and see which you prefer. You won't be risking much of anything ...

    Which one I prefer shouldn't have any relevance to your decision - it's not like one is a cosmic turkey and the other sings with the angels.

    If you don't find the Technidol superior then sell it on to someone who likes the stuff. Otherwise use up the Technidol and switch over to TD3 when you are forced to [which may be never].

    I know it doesn't directly answer your question, but it is the best advice I can give.
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