I just got off the phone with Bruce Barnbaum and he is really concerned. The problem might be the developer I am using so I will get some Dektol and give it another shot. This doesn't explain the difference between the RC and FB given that they have the same emulsions. Bruce just bought 650 sheets of Forte in various sizes and is hoping they didn't have production problems near the end.

We discussed the Ilford product as an alternative but for his style it just doesn't work as it resists bleaching and toning to a large extent. Since I don't do as much of either, it might be a viable alternative for most of my prints.

Forte was a sponsor of his workshops for a number of years, but alas they aren't involved any more. We both don't want to go to Kodak as they keep dropping product. Bruce's 650 sheets should last him he says about 2 years. Once this is depleted, then it's a matter of who's still in production.