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    Thanks for the ideas Rakuhito and ldh, I think I'll give that a try. I've been fairly frustrated myself with attempting to visualize the entire image based on that small slice. Once I get myself a good supply of paper (after the holidays) I'll try it.

    To expand on this a little, what I'm hearing you say is a complete departure from my current method of test strips. When I started, I did use the method where you expose the whole sheet for say 5 seconds, then start covering up small slices of it as you give the sheet 5 more seconds and so on. I then read a book that advocated using individual strips instead, partially due to the fact that paper is more sensative to multiple exposures of light. For some reason, I agreed with that and that is how I've been doing it. Thinking back, I didn't really have that much trouble making the slight reduction in base exposure time knowing that the time I was seeing in the strip was probalby a bit darker than it would be with a single exposure of that given time. Then again, reading books by Ansel and even Les, it sounds like most prints are given so many different bursts of exposure that the slight differences in multiple exposure times are probably better to use anyway! Does that make any sense? Anyway, thanks for the input and the encouragement to try something different. David

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    I don't like test strips. I proof full frame, two up on 5x7 paper. With my 6x4.5
    I've two prints each sheet 3x4 inches. Seeing the entire frame printed is
    a BIG plus.

    I suggest a standard proofing paper against which papers to be used for
    real print makeing are calibrated. Dan

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