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Stop bath strength really doesn't matter. The "stock" solution (Kodak Indicator SB and similar) is already highly diluted.

Most likely the elevated developer temp is the culprit.

- Leigh
This would make the most sense. I've been using these papers for a while and never had this happen. The developer may have been warm, and if warm chemistry will lift the emulsion, then it stands to reason that the developer was in fact still warm, and that warm developer was the culprit.

Kevs ... I've soaked prints in water for this long and longer, with this same fiber paper... and never had this happen. I've soaked the Arista RC paper for an hour or so and never had this happen, either. So I don't think it was the soaking alone.

I don't want to demerit either of these papers. They are both fantastic, two of my favorites, each for different purposes. I don't use RC paper if I want archival quality. It's usually to give to friends or put in a frame on my desk at work, etc.

Thanks to everyone who replied. Sometimes you have to float a lot of ideas around before an answer comes out. This is one of the great things about APUG.