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    Have managed to secure a superb deal on paper, also need views on kentmere kentona

    Hello In preperation for getting my darkroom back at the end of the month I have bought off a friend several boxes of ilford and kentmere 5x7 and 8x10 in paper totalling about 500 sheets for £20 as he seemed eager to get rid of them and gave me a low price... all only a few months old and sealed! ... one box of the kentmere is grade 3 and not VC as I love working with grade 3 paper...

    I also bought some more paper on ebay, a box of 50 12x16 inches of kentmere kentona, a box of ilford paper of the same size, and an opened used 8x10 box, all secured for £15, they have been cold-stored... I have read many good things on kentmere kentona and know it has been discontinued, can anyone on here enlighten me on this paper? I know it is a mixture of silver chloride and silver bromide in the emulsion and that its good for varied tones, (hence I think they will have a use for me)

    I have seen the paper used before, and quite frankly the results were amazing, such varied tones it has the best of both worlds with cold and warm tones...
    I Understand this paper is out of production and out of date but it is the risk I have run for a small price... Also the fact it has been cold-stored...

    Anyone willing to share their views on this paper?


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    I will share view on this deal: you are lucky! I am jealous



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