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    My bargains of the past week

    I love this topic, because I naturally love bargains, along with photography. In the past three weeks I have brought home

    An Arkay 16"x20" fiber paper dryer $25, very lightly used with extra fabric
    An Omega 600 dichroic C enlarger, free, with 2 lenses, near mint
    Omega timer, free
    Omega power supply, free
    Several easels up to 20", like new
    A Unidrum rotator with two drums, free
    Cibachrome developing tank set, free
    Patterson grain magnifier, free
    Patterson small drum and reel, free
    Large paper cutter, industrial weight, free
    metal filing cabinet, free
    Beseler 67C, bought for $120 with a large number of trays, a Tamron adaptall 35-135, new large printing easel, Sekonic studio light meter, an 11x14 contact printing frame, and the same in 8x10, all like new
    Beseler 45 with three Schneider lenses, all carriers, new IC enlarging timer, multiple trays, 2 large Kodak hanging safelights and a pile of other stuff all for $100.
    laboratory glassware, various items, free
    miscellaneous safelights, free
    miscellaneous books, free

    Sadly, some stuff which came home will not stay here, such as the industrial power purifier which has a 50 db hum, and which must weigh 50 pounds. And I probably will never use the Polaroid digital-to-film recorder, formerly from a hospital imaging department, though I did find some NT4 drivers for it. Now if t would record to 6x7 that would be a good toy worth trying.

    Thanks for the fun topic. I'll post anything new later.

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    Two Minolta 7000 cameras, a Minolta AFzoom 70-210 "beercan" , & a 50mm 1.7 Minolta AF lens all for $37 shipped. Everything appears to work fine

    "Accept the fact that some days you are the pigeon and some days you are the statue"

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