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    Quote Originally Posted by EKDobbs View Post
    Alright. So I'll probably use foma paper, exhausted paper developer and/or caffenol, and shoot with a yellow filter. Hopefully the combination will push me to around effective ISO 50. A few stops can turn an evening out for a nightscape into three weeks of waiting.

    it is best to do a few tests before you do the real thing
    if you can grab a 35mm camera or something smaller
    so you can do some iso and developer combination tests.

    at one point years ago i tested about 10-15 different papers
    to figure out their iso values relative to film, and they varied wildly ...
    expired paper can do wonders as a paper negative because the
    basefog helps deal with the contrast ... you might not even need
    out of the ordinary developers, just regular old paper developer..

    you might want to check out the caffenol blog ( http://caffenol.blogspot.com/ )
    for some easy recipes ( you just need a scale or some way to measure your ingredients )
    if you use caffenol to process your prints ( and no print developer as a pre-bath )
    it can take 2x or more the normal development time to get an image on your paper .
    ( instead of pulling the print at 2 mins, the image appears in 2 mins &c ) ...

    good luck !
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