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The market for Azo is miniscule at best. If people do not support Michael and Paula and splinter the market, then noone will have enough volume to run the next master roll
My point precisely, even though I didn't state it very well. My understanding is that with their current volume, Michael and Paula are barely able to order enough Azo to make it over the threshold of demand that Kodak requires to keep this product afloat. Split between two or more buyers, I don't think Kodak would do the same thing. Kodak also regards M&P as the preeminent end-user experts in Azo, working with them on multiple occasions to tweak the production line to better meet the expectations of the fine art market. Although this kind of user/producer|distributor relationship is somewhat routine with a vendor like JandC, it seems to be absolutely unique among the multinationals like Kodak. I doubt that any other vendor/user relationship has had the historically positive impact that Michael and Paula's relationship with Kodak has. Azo is the last of a breed. If it goes, an entire category of photographic material goes with it.

Yes, compared with enlarging papers, the Azo market is tiny. There's a new wrinkle, though. An enlarger head suitable for printing on Azo is available. Discussion and availability information is in these threads:

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Broad acceptance of the Azo enlarging head might mean an inroad for Azo to the enlarging market and greater volume in sales.