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I did get it to work. My meter only goes to ISO 3. It looks like I need to give 8-9 stops to get good density. I also have a bad flare problem.
What camera/lens are you using? Does the flare appear to creep in along the edges of the film, or is it a general over all fogging? General light-tightness in your camera/lens system is the first place to look. Also depending on the age and maker of your lens it may not be well corrected for flare.

Mental calculation is usually what you have to do with your meter. I'm fortunate in that the Luna Pro has an LV/EV scale on the other side of the dial. Once I set at .8 I go that scale and move the speed setting down from there.

I'm glad to hear it's working for you, how are your results other than the flare?