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Thread: Acros @ 80?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattKing View Post
    Assuming even light, if possible, you want to take your meter reading off of a middle grey - the pavement looks like a good choice here.

    In most cases that will determine your exposure.

    You certainly want to avoid having the sky determine your exposure, unless the sky is what you are most interested in.

    In rare cases you need to go further. Sometimes there are subjects of interest in the frame that are relatively much lighter or much darker than average, where a normal and otherwise correct exposure won't result in those subjects appearing the way you want them. In those unusual circumstances you may make the decision to change the exposure in order to favour those subjects, at the expense of the rest of the frame. An example would be strongly backlit subjects, where the foreground is emphasized at the expense of the blown out background.

    Generally speaking you don't adjust your EI with circumstances - you determine your EI when you calibrate your system, and stay with that EI. Subsequently you may make decisions to deliberately under-expose or over-expose certain subjects, based primarily on issues of contrast.
    Thank you very much. I shall use your advice this weekend and see how it goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RattyMouse View Post
    Is this better than shooting at a different ISO rating?
    The problem you are facing is not one of film rating, it's in understanding what the meter is telling you/telling the camera.

    My first suggestion is to put the camera in manual.

    You can as Matt suggests then meter off the concrete/pavement and set the camera to that reading.

    No need to use an EV adjustment or to change Exposure Index (the ISO setting you dial into the camera). 100 will be just fine.
    Mark Barendt, Beaverton, OR

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