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    Quote Originally Posted by dr5chrome View Post
    ..round & round. haven't we had this dichromate ~ permanganate debate before? All chem can be harmful. Just do right be each. permanganate is a much more dangerous agent - fyi.
    How do these novel ideas get started? As an oxidizing agent perhaps but not as a toxin. Potassium permanganate is far less toxic than potassium dichromate. Simply looking at the LD50's from both MSDS's will reveal this. Please people let's check the facts before making pronouncements. Dilute potassium permanganate solutions have been used medically for mucous membrane infections and for treating wounds. That being said all chemicals should be treated with respect.

    BTW, manganese is an essential trace element. The Recommended Daily Allowance RDA is 2.3 mg. To put this in perspective the RDA for iron is 8 mg for men.
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