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    I have used Delta 3200 in a sports hall where the lighting was not that great and I had no flash. I developed in Tmax developer 1:4 at 24 degrees C for 11 & a half minutes. The results were quite good.


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    Here is the problem. I shoot a ton of sports and a lot of basketball. Reember that you are going to need a shutter speed of at least 1/320 - 1/400th os a second to try and freeze the action and tha tis only if the are comign at you and at an angle. If they come horzintal you will get motion at 320th. IN most byms where the light is dim I will be at 1600 ISO at 1/400 - 1/320th @ f1.4. The wider the galss the more light you will get and will not hav eto be so wide open. I shoot with a 85, 28 and 50 1.4 lens.

    My best advice to you if you do not want grain is to remotely mount 2 strobes or flashes up high pointing tothe top of the key and triggering the flashes remotely via a pocket wizzard for a device like that. This way you can pull the ISO down to 200-500 and have a shutter spped of 1/250th and an Fstop between 2.8 up to 5.6 depending on the ambient light. Remember that you wabt the flash to be at leat 1 stop over and 2 is better. Never use an on camera flash.

    Also if you do go the color route and you want to convert the neg to BW digitally ( sorry apug ) you will want to pull the red back and increase teh green layer to pull the grain back. The red channel will be on the grainly side. I would set it to somthign like 30-40 red and 60-70 green. This will give you better results at higher ISO.

    If you need any more info feel free to PM or email me.



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    I found T-Max 3200 rated at 1600 in T-Max developer per Kodak's instructions worked well for high-school basketball. The grain at 1600 is tight and sharp, not too exaggerated. At 3200 you lose too much shadow detail. My exposures were about 1/250 at f/2.8, I used a 50mm lens and camped out under the basket. Don't expect miracles, this is a tough shooting situation. The gyms are always dim.

    Pete Gomena
    Portland, Ore.

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