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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob F.
    VC papers are not always grade 2 without filtration: especially as one maker's Grade-2 or not the same as another's. To make a comparison you need to make the best prints you can get on each paper and then compare them - this may well require dialling a different grade for the VC paper. You would have to repeat this for a number of different negatives. Then, you can see if you favour one over the other.

    Cheers, Bob.
    I would agree with the premise of this post. However, I would go on to say that the only way to evaluate a given graded paper to a given VC paper would be to expose both papers to a calibrated step wedge at the same equivalent contrast. From that the exposures of both papers should be read with a reflection densitometer to arrive at the exposure scale, the dmin, and the dmax readings. From those parameters a valid comparison could be made. Anything else is pure conjecture.

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    So many questions, and equally so many answers. I had been using Ilford MC. But a friend in Germany sent me about 4 boxes of AGFA BROVIRA-SPEED grade 3, and the difference was amazing. (Plus using Zeiss lenses to shoot with and Schneider to enlarge with didn't hurt). Over the years, I know have my films down to the same process, and it definitely makes printing easier, and printing on graded paper (at least for me) is even faster, because now I don't have to reach for diff filters, and constantly make test strips.



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