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    Quote Originally Posted by sly View Post
    I've used Delta 3200 in 120 quite alot. It's been my favorite film for pregnancy/maternity/family shots for a number of years. I've been happiest with DDX as developer. (It helps that I bought a couple of cases of it cheap when they shut down the darkroom at the local college


    If Ilford made a lith developer and a more easily lithable paper, all my silver work would be with Ilford products. (Hint,hint Simon.)
    Love the one 1-week past due.
    Mark Barendt, Beaverton, OR

    "We do not see things the way they are. We see things the way we are." Anaïs Nin

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    David Goldstein
    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas Bertilsson View Post
    I think people are a bit too used to the 'sudden demise' of products from other companies, and it's almost too good to be true that Ilford simply doesn't follow suit. Surprising to many, I am sure.But I do agree that Ilford and Simon have both been extremely good about keeping promises, and that is very reassuring.
    I buy more Ilford film now than any other brand to support their business efforts and now that I am developing film, I am using their development products as well. I have looked at what I have available to spend on film photography and deliberately moved to stop buying Kodak because it seems quite apparent to me about who wants to be in the film business over the long run.

    Just my 2 cents, but this seems to be much like the contraction of the vacuum tube business in the 1970's as solid state amplifiers took over most of the industry. Tubes survived and are even thriving today in special audio applications where there is steady, but limited demand - a niche industry if you will. But none of the majors stayed in the business when it shrunk down to what it is today. Instead, a new group of businesses with a cost model that fit the size of the industry emerged.

    I don't know the financial situation with Ilford, but I hope their cost model fits that of the niche industry that film is becoming - a steady but limited demand. Statements like Simon's seem very reassuring and I enjoy using their products.

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