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Hi Terry! It's 6 min @ 68F normal agitation (1st min constant agitation, then 5sec every 30sec). This is my standard with HC-110 no matter which film I regularly use (have exposure technique down, so that I can shoot diff films and develop them all the same).

I included 3 examples of Acros in 35mm HC-110 in a posting here, just a few minutes ago.


Thanks, Rollei! I'll try that method. I drove to Freestyle Camera yesterday to buy some more print developer and asked a male at the film counter for 20 rolls of Acros 100. He looked at the refrigerators and stated "Hmmm...we're out of it". It seems somebody beat me to it and bought their entire stock! The clerk also stated "I don't like Acros 100 because I can't get any whites in my negatives". I didn't bother to discuss that further, for if he didn't have enough sense to explore different developers and techniques and didn't think to perform a search on the Web and end up, say, at APUG, I chose to leave him amidst his naivete. Acros 100 and my Leica lenses produce outstanding acutance and tonality, results similar to Delta 100. I am so thrilled that Fuji created Acros 100 and thereby confirmed to us film lovers that film is here to stay!!