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    Waukesha, WI

    First development, a success!

    Every year the Wisconsin State Fair holds Trainfest. It’s a large model railroading expo with over 60 running layouts, local and neighboring state hobby shops and vendors. I was there this weekend and shot my first roll of B&W film. I shot 400 iso at 1/60 and 1/125 which gave me a very narrow DOF for indoor shots.

    Last night I finally had time to develop my film. I shot HP5+, used hc-110 dil H at 10 min, at 20 deg C, stopped for one min and fixed for 5 using Ilford chem and their recommended times and rinsing technique. I found out how thin Kodak Photo Flo is… I added WAY too much which I think is responsible for a few water spots on my film.

    Other then adding too much photo flo, everything else went smoothly and it was a complete success! This is WAY more fun and rewarding then working with photo software. I threw my negatives on my enlarger “Building my darkroom equipment. I only have an enlarger ATM,” and I was suppressed how well my first roll turned out. The narrow depth of field on Model trains, mainly HO scale, gave some great results. I managed to keep only the scenery and the subject in focus and it didn’t look like a model at all. It almost acted like the anti-tilt shift mini effect.

    I’m now a true believer in film, a film junkie.

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    Sounds great - good for you! Do they have a photo competition for the State Fair you can submit some prints for?...

    You're not far from what I call the "hub of humanity", after all John Muir is from Wisconsin...

    You're not far from the home of Edward Steichen...





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