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    Bob - these aren't bottles sitting around on some dusty shelf. They're routinely reordering small quantities from Kodak distribution. But I have no way of knowing when actual mfg ocurred. It's not
    like people need to fill swimming pools with toner, and there are obviously alternate sources anyway.
    Heck, if you want you can even still order "new" bottles Kodak E-6 retouching dyes, even though the specific dye concentrates involved haven't been made by Kodak for more than thirty years. I like
    the Kodak brand simply because I'm familiar with it and don't have to pay a surchage just for a bunch of fancy packaging of what is probably rebranding of something else anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristopherCoy View Post
    I wouldn't mind doing the chang-a-tray thing until I could purchase a print washer. When people say "wash for 60 minutes", I envision my bathroom faucet going full blast for 60 minutes. Ian said that a gentle trickle would work as well but, even that seems like a lot over an extended period of time.

    This is an excerpt from the technical publication for one of the now discontinued Kodak black and white papers:

    Wash for at least 1 hour in running water at 10 to 30°C (50 to 86°F), interleaving the prints carefully and frequently. The wash-water flow rate should provide at least one complete change of water in the container every 5 minutes. The KODAK Automatic Tray Siphon provides proper movement and agitation during washing.
    Avoid prolonged washing or soaking times to minimize physical damage to the prints and to maintain the effect of the optical brightener in the paper.
    To reduce time and conserve water, use KODAK Hypo Clearing Agent before washing. Transfer the prints, with or without a previous rinse, to the clearing agent. With Hypo
    Clearing Agent, wash for 10 minutes with agitation and normal water flow."

    Note the water flow recommendation - you can probably attain a complete change of water every 5 minutes by adding enough water to fill the tray every 3 minutes. So if you have a 3 litre tray, an hour wash may take less water than you think.

    “Photography is a complex and fluid medium, and its many factors are not applied in simple sequence. Rather, the process may be likened to the art of the juggler in keeping many balls in the air at one time!”

    Ansel Adams, from the introduction to The Negative - The New Ansel Adams Photography Series / Book 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Carnie View Post
    Thanks Brian
    I am going to order some of this stuff.. and give it a go..any issues with scum like the viridon or kodak brown toner??
    Bob, I've never used the Legacy Pro toner and briefly used Kodak Brown toner years ago. I'm familiar with Viradon and am still using up old stock. I do see some scum every once in a while, but simply swab it off with a few cotton balls before the final wash. Once my Viradon stash is extinct I will move to the Legacy Pro brown toner so I'm interested in hearing what you think of it if you decide to give it a go.

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    I haven't seen any scum. The Legacy Pro stuff seems to work just fine, but I've never used the Kodak so have no basis of comparison. The only place I found Kodak listed online, some time ago, was Calumet (no longer available) and it was nearly $300 for a gallon or some such extra large quantity.

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