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Ideally, you could perform a negative development time test. Basically, you expose a step tablet, like Stouffer on 5 sheets, rolls etc, then you develop each for a different length of time, using your normal agitation etc. You measure the results, plot 5 curves, and figure out your own development time.

Easy to say. Now you can enjoy the millions of posts here on the ins-and-outs of what happens, and how to interpret the results. Perhaps you should plan on doing this some time in future, not yet. B&W process is extremely forgiving. Enjoy the fun of it, though.
I don't think I'm quite ready for that, although I probably should be doing it. First thing is to learn to develop right every time, and get good results. then I'll have to learn about plotting curves. With roll film, I did speed and development tests, and found my best results.

Using sheet films, I haven't gone that far yet, as the results I've been getting seem to match my roll film results. I hope HC-110 will give me the results I've been liking with Tetenal, as it also gives more options for dilutions and therefore development techniques.

Thank you!