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I've done some 4x5 test shots with J&C 400. EI 200 looks about right to me. For comparison, I rate HP5 at 400. (I picked up the J&C 400 as an alternative to HP5, which is my primary film.) Those EIs are for development with DDX.

When I 1st used DDX on HP5+ (& Tri-X 320) 4x5, I was very disappointed in how low contrast the HP turned out to be. I've bought some of the Forte 200 in 4x5 (packaged as "Arista EDU") but haven't finished shooting up the Tri-X Pro I've got loaded.

I've got all my development times/films down to the same time/temp whether I use HC-110, Rodinal or Studional. So I'll just stick with these. Unless the Forte (which I've shot years ago in 120 with great results) is still the same as it was.