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    Here is a simple way to make a 10 x 8 divider tray to take 4 sheets of 5x4 film. You need 8 plastic rawlplugs - the things that are normally used to fix screws in a wall. Epoxy them to the bottom of the tray so they stick up like mini fence posts that will keep each sheet of film in its own quarter but not interupt the flow of chemicals. I have used this system for over twenty years and have never had film damage.
    An added bonus is that liquids can be poured out of the tray without removing the film. Suction causes the film to stick to the bottom of the tray, even when the tray is in a vertical position. So the entire dev. fix,& wash process can be done in one tray without removing the film. This also helps to prevent scratching the film.
    I have recently made myself a light-tight wooden cover that goeg over the tray, so I can do most of the job with the light on. I have to say that thid is far better than standing around in the dark.

    Alan Clark

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheryl Jacobs
    For now, I really don't mind trays in the dark. Kinda peaceful in there.
    I agree with you. Although drum or tube processing is always tempting, I like the state of mind that develops (arrgh, no pun intended, really) while sitting in the total darkness for 10 to 15 min. I use the standard Kodak recommended method of shuffling for 4x5 in trays. At first I had lots of scratches, but with practice I must have gotten it figured out, because I don't get them anymore.

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