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wow thanks very much, very nice of you to say so. if you have some of the sterling rcvc paper i really recommend lithing it. straight prints seem quite soft with it but they look superb in lith, lovely pink highlights and mid tones.
Apologies for not replying to this at the time I read it a few days ago. After seeing your images on the Sterling paper, I went and studied up on lith printing. While I've always loved the results people achieve with this process, I'm afraid that, for me, it's going to have to wait until I have a negative worthy of the effort and expense! I think if/when I ever do this, I'm going to be making my own developer. Over here, the only ready made mix I've found is almost three times the cost of 'normal' developer. So, yes, definitely need to get my skill level up "in camera" before I go abusing perfectly good chemicals and paper by inflicting my banalities upon them