You might want to try mixing D-25. In both the Altman and Henn (Kodak) study and Richard Henry's tests Panatomic-X produced higher acutance, lower granularity, and higher resolving power in D-25 1+0 than a fairly wide variety of other developers, from fine grain to acutance types. Granularity was the same as Microdol-X, but acutance was significantly higher. In addition, with Panatomic-X the speed penalty tradeoff for these image characteristics with D-25 was found to be relatively minor. There are unconfirmed reports Panatomic-X was optimized for D-25. Only Kodak knows for sure.

Results such as these might seem counterintuitive at first, until we remember most of what we think we know about developers is based on bad information. It is much more difficult to generalize regarding the working characteristics of developers than many think. It is more appropriate in many cases to look at a specific developer/film combination. Here we have a developer that should not produce good acutance (and it did not when paired with Tri-X for example), yet with Panatomic-X it produced entirely different results.