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    Quote Originally Posted by DREW WILEY View Post
    Gosh - here comes another piece of advice from AA. Inevitable. They also sold leaded gas back then.
    Print varnishes were intended for temporary protection, or more often, to add a retouching surface prior
    to airbrushing or whatever.
    Yes, we all know that AA is horribly oldfashioned and has nothing valid to say in his books. But then analog photography is also very oldfachioned too.
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    A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.

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    Do you honestly imagine, Gerald, that a helluva lot hasn't changed in the interim? Zone system technique is what he was really pushing, and those books are still generally useful, but probably not
    a single film, paper, or filter he mentioned still exists. His darkroom setup was downright archaic even
    for that era. AA has his place secure in the history of photography, and because he was an adept
    teacher, we've inherited his knowlege, but then, added a tremendous number of tricks since. I've sold
    millions of dollars worth of specialized coatings and varnishes, and am testing more at the moment.
    So I think I know a thing or two.

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