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    I started with Kodak MQ developer and Kodak Fixer packets that were available a year or so before they began marketing the Tri-Chem Packs. I read about them in some Kodak pamphlet I found at the photo store. The first paper I used was Velox. I didn't start enlarging until I was in high school, sometime around 1955. My first enlarging paper was Verigam. That was a long time ago.

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    In high school, it was D-76 for film and Dektol for prints. The D-76 was often 1:1 to "save developer", not knowing that I should add 10% to development time for 4 ounces D-76 with 4 ounces water. However, for 2475 we'd mix a can of DK-50, and for High Contrast Copy we'd mix a can of D-19. (Dating myself there with "can".)

    30 years later, I latched onto Ilford DD-X for developer, and scan and print for printing. Very practical for infrequent use, and an excellent speed-enhancing developer. When I need a lot of developer in a larger tank (and don't want to spend a fortune), or I'm developing old film (less fog), I'll often turn to Kodak HC-110. I have mixed a gallon of Kodak D-76 twice this time around, when processing really ancient Kodak films that had published D-76 times, and I didn't want to waste the film on experiments. (Wratten and Wainwright Panchromatic plates, things like that.) But both jugs of D-76 didn't get used up. (There's one several years old festering in the basement.)

    But just to be ready, I have stocks of dry ingredients now to mix my own D-19, D-23, DK-50, DK-60a, D-76, etc. Also a 0-300g x0.1g digital scale, and a 200g calibration weight for it. Also 8 and 16 ounce glass jars to store mixed solutions in.

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