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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicholas Lindan View Post
    ??????? I'm not sure what you are disagreeing with, as I agree with what you just said.

    My point is that one can make wonderful pictures without any knowledge of how it all works; knowing how it all works isn't a guarantee of wonderful pictures; but for some knowing how it works is a great help to making said wonderful pictures.

    And I am one of the major uber-geeks around here. I once nearly bolted from my dentist's chair when he confessed he flunked calculus in college so many times they gave him a pass just to get rid of him - until it struck me that skill in dentistry really doesn't require calculus.
    Hi Nicholas,
    Possibly we go to the same dentist? Though mine, besides being an excellent dentist gives me the best discussions on the subject of history.

    I was just reacting to the statement (not yours) previously of putting away the step tablet & densitomiter and doing it by eye. Your "good advice" had me hit the "reply with quotes" on your post. I think your point above say's it all with much less words than I used. For me a graph is worth a thousand words, but always needs to be tempered by what you see in the print.

    Sorry for any misinterpretation.

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