I am interested in the indirect blue toner , Tim Rudman talks about in his book.

I would like to try it and will.

I am bleaching, fixing , washing to lift the highlights.

I am then bleaching softly to only attack the upper highlights an putting in sepia.. which should only affect the this region

I am then putting the print in a strong selenium for a short time to attach to the shadows and change the colour.

this is a rather nice look which I could live with but I am wanting to put blue in the mid tone areas.
I have made this work, many times , but the washing of the yellow from the blue toner is a real , pain in the ass.

I am seeing this indirect toner , as Tim says does not stain as much and his samples of the speedibrews store bought is pretty nice.

I rather mix my own , which he lists as the Sommerville indirect blue toner.


ok here is the question

can I use indirect blue toner after I have set the tones for the highlights with sepia , and set the tones for the shadows with Selenium????