Hi all,

if anyone is interested in experimenting with MCC 110 - go on foto impex and search Beta ware - test coating from 2008: it is cheap!


Test coating from 2008

We purchased a large quantity of paper-weight fiber paper base and coated a test roll with MCC emulsion. Since the paper base has a significant influence on the longevity of the paper, we held this test coating for the last 15 months to monitor its stability. Unfortunately, we found that this paper base is not suitable for coating of MCC paper. The paper is still useable, but the light fog becomes visible after about 60 seconds in a standard 20 degree developer.

The paper is good for contact paper or test prints. If you work without a white border on your prints, the fog is hardly noticeable. For some photos it can even be a benefit, depending on the image. You can use a longer exposure and shorter developing time, or add 10ml of 2% Benzotriazol solution (anti-fogging agent) to the developer.

To put it simply, here you get real MCC emulsion on a paper-weight base at an amazing price. It is also a rarity, since this product won't be produced again.

Test it yourself. You can send the paper back within 4 weeks
if the fog is too much for you.