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You guys should really ditch the plastic as the OP did - they're 90% trouble.
FWIW, this was my logic (should any other newcomers find themselves in a similar situation, which would appear to be a fairly common occurrence) - because I didn't have significant experience with either SS or plastic and it was clear that there are people who have success with both, I just went for the one that seemed like it would be more trouble-free overall. Plastic reels getting warped, photoflo issues, having to use the pencil trick, making sure they are bone dry and even then having to use a hairdryer to get them to work...that seemed like a pretty long list of potential problem spots for me. For SS, the only significant risk seemed to be bending the reel, which just seemed simpler overall to me. Add in that you are using less chemistry, and this seemed like the right decision for me at this time.

But, as I said earlier, everyone seems to have success their own way. Seems like a bit of a Pepsi/Coke, Ford/Chevy, Mac/PC type of thing - it's just about finding what works for you (although if your answer is anything other than Coke, Ford and Mac, I will simply assume you are a communist that hates America ).