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I bought a bunch of outdated film on ebay a short time ago. One of the boxes was some 3x4 Ansco that expired in 1955! For S&G, I shot a couple of sheets just to see if I could get anything... I processed it in HC-110 dil B (probably not the best choice) and B+F was VERY high and speed was rather low. Still, I got some printable images from 50 year old film!
Bob, in my experience, HC-110 is one of the best possible choices for processing old film -- it has a strong antifoggant and helps keep the general fog in check. Unfortunately, nothing can combat the speed loss with old film, and that is the biggest drawback to buying expired film -- the combination of speed loss and fog can make critical shots come out muddy and flat when they should snap. Not likely to be a problem with the stuff you get from shops, generally -- it's seldom more than a year or two out of date -- but it's the gamble you take when you buy antique film.