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    I use a citric acid stop bath. 10g per liter. It doesn't smell as bad as acetic acid. Works well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pentaxuser View Post
    Thanks Gerald, that seems to make sense but it seems that it only happens to the OP when he does full bleaching but not partial bleaching and I cannot see how this is related. Maybe it is less a question of full bleaching and more a question of time since full bleaching will take longer as will full toning afterwards

    My other conclusion from what you have said is that it would also seem that if the water isn't hard then the haze won't happen. I have no idea how hard the water is in Toronto.

    The whole business of haze in relevant to me as in my part of the U.K the water is also classified as hard but there is hard and hard and Toronto water may have my water well beaten in the hardness stakes

    Am I on the right lines with my thoughts?


    I also think that time in the toner explains the difference.
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    Thanks for all the responses - I was away on a cycling trip and am just back to my computer now.

    I'll try Kodak Indictator Stop Bath at a 1:30 ratio and see if it does the same thing. The "haze" clears so quickly - in less than 10 seconds. It is a necessary step for me, it seems.

    Just for the record, I use a ferri/bromide bleach (B1 from the DuPont Varigam formulas) full strength, and bleach the image back fully. The toner is a sodium hydroxide/thiocarbamide formula (T1). The "haze" is evident in the deep blacks when held to light. I suppose I could try and make these with distilled water and see if the problem is a product of the Toronto tap water.

    Again - thanks for the help!

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