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    I will add that the emulsion is more able to accept tone before hot press.

    Also if one is dye retouching a print, steaming the print will allow the dye to suck into the emulsion.

    Quote Originally Posted by BMbikerider View Post
    Ohhhh! I don't like that Idea. Make a mess of the spotting and the dry mounted print and card is wasted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Carnie View Post
    Think camoflauge clothing and how it blends in with the overall pattern of the background.
    The hardest areas are neutral flat areas and you need to build up gently and slowly.

    If you look at any magazine or for that matter an inkjet print you will see it is made up of hundreds of rossette dots/grain and together they complete the scene.

    Your job as a spotter is to fill in the blanks with a believable pattern.
    I'm with Bob on this one. My successful spots are all about camouflage, trying to disguise the issue. Very occasionally, I have used this approach even with black spots, adding a couple of spots to disguise one, though usually black ones get a different treatment as discussed on this thread.

    I spot after dry mounting, as it is easier for me to handle a flat print. It also makes me more careful, I suppose, as there is more to lose. If the print surface got steamed before dry mounting, I will also gently re-steam a spot to make the dye less apparent, especially if a lot of work had been done in an area. I'd use a slipsheet with a hole cut out, so that steam only works on that area, protecting dry-mounted edges.
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