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Thread: How Many ISO'S?

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    I think someone already mentioned "universal developers", but surprised nobody mentioned diafine specifically. 3 minutes + 3 minutes for most films ( 4+4 for acros ). That's pretty simple. But my recommendation is to listen to some of the good advice coming from these good folks.

    Oops. Now I see Gerald Koch did already mention diafine.

    I'm following his other good advice right now and have settled on one fast and one slower film and I've tuned my HC-110 times to these two films. That's for 120 and 135, so four development times dialed in for my printing, which is more than plenty.

    Like to play with other films and developers sometimes for fun, but getting pretty settled in with 2 films.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartinP View Post
    XP2 does not have this mask and prints beautifully in my experience. What exactly do you find a problem with XP2 ?
    Hi Martin,

    Yes, XP2 is much better for printing than other C41 films, I was just in darkroom, and I did one print from XP2 to see it again (last time I used XP2 long time ago). Somehow comparing to standard films like HP5+ or FP4 it lacks some micro contrast, some edgy sharpens, hard to explain in words. But not bad as I was remembering, it is totally printable.

    Also - I am not sure about archival standard for C41 films - are they good as classic B&W films?


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    Thanks, folks.
    When I run out of HC-110, I will definitely look at a more universal developer, but, I love my HC-110. I also love TRI-X, and the idea of simply shooting the same film at 200-800-1600, sounds pretty good. I can always wait 'till I have two rolls to develop shot at the same speed.
    I think, considering I usually shoot with some kind of coloured filter, that would take the place of the ND that Thomas suggests. Something I'd never thought of before.
    Darko, your ideas are beautifully simple. As MichaelR1974, and a few others have said, and again something that had to be pointed out to become obvious, I think I need to cut down on the number of cameras.
    I think the best thing to do, is use up most of my film, and re-order only one, or two, like TRI-X and Delta 3200, and if that's all I've got, I'll make the best of it. And I think that when you're making the best of what you have, sometimes you make the best pictures.
    When I get it sorted out, I'll post what I think worked out the best, (for me, anyway).

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