Fog. The "blank" edges of my recent 11x14 negatives aren't film-base, but about Gr VIII. Granted, I am anticipating using these PL100 negatives, developed at N+ in HC110 (b) for alternative process, so they are very contrasty. To check the contrast grade, I printed several on gelatin silver with a #1 filter, and yes, they are contrasty--should be fine for PtPd and Kallitypes. But, I'm bothered by the edges, and the apparent fog. The good news, is that with the silver prints I achieved great highlights, and nice, open shadows, but should there be all that fog?
If I use a restrainer, such as benztriazole .2% 15 ml/L, it will slow development, decrease apparent film speed, and possibly lower contrast in a situation where I want contrast. These negs were developed at 68F. so temperature was not the fog-producer.
I don't own a densitometer, so I'm not certain how much fog is there, and my home-grown densitometer is a contact print with a #2 filter to assess contrast. I haven't made the platinotypes or Kallitypes yet, so I don't know how the highlights will react, compared to silver. This is just observation of the negatives at this stage. Any suggestions?