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    As the great Frank Zappa (extinct) once stated "Shut up and play yer guitar", of course in this case "Shut up and shoot some film". The more we use, the less they'll want to get rid of it. Plus I agree with the motion picture concept also. By the way, has anyone on APUG ever shot motion picture film from a still camera? I think I'm going to start a post on that.
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    I believe that not only will film be relagated (sp?) to a "fine art" medium and become virtually extinct for the masses but also will movie theatres go the way of the dinasaur.

    With the proliferation of home theater setups and the fact that theatres are basically making their money on the concessions that in 50 years the only theatres will be "art houses". Even though movie theatres have survived as teen and twenty something escape and makeout places I think that financial factors will eventually eliminate them.

    Progress does not stand still and there are a myriad of factors that will halt the mainline process of film. Environmental concern will catch up to third world countries eventually and film and chemistry will be expensive and only used by the "art types".

    The progress in digital will continue and every new generation will fall into it even though you may all have an anecdotal story of some kid who wants to do things the "old ways".

    Do I care. NO. I've only got 25-30 years tops, so there you have it. Life's a bitch. I do however appreciate that I've had the joy of using film/analog for the last 30 years.


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