Yesterday I went to the Quebec Winter Carnival with my wife and children. I didn't feel like lugging about my X-700 or my C220, so I decided to take my Canonet. One of the frustrating things about the Canonet, however, is that it has a top speed of 1/500 and the smallest aperture is f16. So on a bright sunny day, with D400, I get overexposure because of leaf-shutter failure at high speed.

I decided to try something new and exposed the D400 at 1/500 and f16 and then pulled it for 10 mins in ID-11 at 1+1. I think that I was expecting utter crap from the negatives, but I was pleasantly surprised; the shadows have excellent detail, and even the highlights aren't too bad.

I guess that I learned something new about my favourite film yesterday! Now I just need to try it in Rodinal to allay my fears about Morten's favourite soup!