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    While the OC (amber) filter may be safe for some papers, many prefer the extra safety of a no. 13 (dark amber), Ilford 902 (light brown) or 1A (red), for VC papers which are more susceptible to safelight fogging. Having said that, I used an OC for years without harm, but at a distance of at least 2 metres.

    Thanks for the welcome, fotch.

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    Just for the record here is the Ilford recommendation from the Multigrade tech sheet:

    "Safelight recommendations
    MULTIGRADE IV FB Fiber can be used with most
    common safelights for black and white papers. The
    ILFORD safelights are especially recommended as
    they generally allow darkrooms to be brighter, but
    completely safe, for MULTIGRADE IV FB Fiber and
    many black and white papers.
    ILFORD safelights are the ILFORD SL1 darkroom
    safelight or the ILFORD 902 (light brown) safelight
    filter fitted in a darkroom lamp (for example, the
    ILFORD DL10 or DL20). A 15W bulb is
    recommended with these safelights.
    For direct lighting, do not expose the paper to the
    safelight for more than 4 minutes, and the distance
    between the paper and the safelight should be a
    minimum of 1.2m/4ft.
    Other safelight filters can be used, for example,
    the Kodak OC and the Agfa-Gevaert G7, or the
    Philips PF710 safelamp."

    ...and the Kodak blurb on the OA and OC filters:

    "OA Greenish yellow (for) Black-and-white contact and duplicating materials, projection films (i.e. NOT green-sensitive materials)
    OC Light amber Contact and enlarging papers (this would work )

    Red would work too, since it has even less green than the OC.

    Here's a link to the Kodak tech pub: http://www.kodak.com/global/en/profe...845/ti0845.pdf

    Whatever safelights you end up with, you need to test them for safety.



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