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    "Edge of Darkness" was published in 2000 but a later 2003 article does not mention Perceptol so he seems to have found more profitable lines,he was selling developers at the time:

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    It was a Good Read

    Quote Originally Posted by JW PHOTO View Post
    After finally getting his book "Edge of Darkness" and doing some enjoyable reading I noted a few things I'm curious about. One of those things is his "version of Perceptol" that he speaks about. Now, he doesn't disclose his Perceptol formula in the book and says he's working on it at the time of this writing. He speaks highly of Perceptol throughout his book and uses it for some of the pictures in the book itself. I'm just curious as to whether or not he ever disclosed "his version" of Perceptol???? Nice book, good reading, but I haven't really learned anything new. It's still nice to see/read how other people evolve and work. JW
    I find some photography books to be very hard to read. But I did enjoy Barry's book, and when I read it the first time I did learn a number of things. I usually spend more time reading books of photographs instead, but once in awhile I find one of these types of books that is enjoyable to read. I have enjoyed Henry Hornstein's books as well and found them very instructive. Interestingly I have had all three of Ansel Adams books for years and years but I have yet to make it through "The Negative."

    The simplest tools can be the hardest to master.

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