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I invert the tank 180 degrees 5X in 10 sec, each inversion taking 2 sec forth and back.
I do this every third minute thus adding 10-30% to the devtime depending on the contrast wanted. The agitation is one of the most important variables to the final result, so it is more important to be consistent than how violent you do it. I do however feel that the gentle timed inversion are more easy to replicate from time to time than the more violently agitation.
Any one else using minimal agitation ?
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Your method is very similar to mine -- five inversions, with a pass from hand to hand that inserts a bit less than a quarter turn in each inversion, taking between 10 and 15 seconds. One cycle like this every 3 minutes (after constant agitation the first minute), using highly dilute developer (and contrast control through more or less frequent cycles of the same agitation method, rather than a change in time). I've gotten things figured out so I can use the same method for film from 16 mm through 35 mm and 120 and up to 4x5 (in daylight fill tubes). Gives nice smooth negatives with good shadow detail at box speed, but (with the time added for reduced agitation and dilute developer) takes a long time...