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    Life span of Aculux

    What are people's experience of the life span of an opened bottle of Aculux? The reputation of the Paterson developers is that they do not last long once opened but I am finding that Aculux is lasting a reasonable time (maybe this is different to experience with Acutol and FX-39). I have a bottle that has been opened now for 3 months and though the liquid has gone somewhat yellow (but it is still clear) the developer is working fine. I have kept the developer in the original red bottle and have not done anything fancy with marbles or inert gas. When I first started using Aculux the advice was that it it would only last a month at most. I think if it could last for this long it would be a great asset to the developer which, in my humble opinion, gives incredible tonality to negatives. But it would be nice to know if this is a one-off piece of luck or a more general experience.

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    I agree. Most have not tried this stuff, which as you say, has stunning tonality. I too found that it yellows but is fine. Mine was fine for 3 months when I finished it. Not tried longer. I would not dream off mucking about with ID11 power with this stuff available. Speed is as good, grain finer and sharpness sam or better, what more do people want? Oh and it is simialrly priced and more convenient.

    My pyrocat has lasted since august 2004 with no change too. I keep my devs in orig container (paterson) or brown glass for pyrocat, all in darkness.



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