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You should have already noticed dry down on MGIV RC.
You'll get similar dry down with the fibre paper. The microwave technique is a good tool for estimating the dry down.
Also make sure you give the stuff a darn good wash and remember to take notes.

Have fun!
There's an easier and cheaper way to gauge dry-down. Buy a sheet of white acrylic at a hardware or glass store and stand it up in or on the edges of your fixer tray. (I use big cat-litter trays, and put two small screws in two corners of the tray lip to act as stops for the bottom of the acrylic sheet.) Lean the acrylic back against something tall enough to suppor it--a shelf, your sink back, chemical jugs, etc. Then when you turn the lights on, you can flop your print onto the acrylic sheet (the fixer will drain back into the tray) under a 60 watt bulb about 3-4 feet above the tray. Weaker bulb if closer. Seen at this angle in this illumination, you'll get an approximation of the dry-down effect--close enough to accurately predict how much more or less exposure to give.