Following on from Jon's comments - Polywarmtone and ageing.

I bought a lot of Polywarmtone paper which was of very fresh manufacture and on testing found it quite different to previous batches. Now about 3 months old I used some again last night to find it has aged and settled. It now matches & behaves like the older Polywarmtone paper I have in stock.


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In the old days Forte made paper and then put the rolls in storage for several months to properly age. In the scramble to fend of bankruptcy and with the new production now proceeding they are producing the paper and cutting and shipping as fast as they can. The end result is that the paper coming out has not been aged like it used to be. The paper will stabilize in about 6 months and be much closer to the older paper in performance.

One difference that is real is that their paper supplier went out of business and they are now buying from a new source. So the base of the new paper is slightly different than the old paper. The emulsion is the same as before and has not been changed.

We have seen this with our Classic papers which are the equivalents of PV-G, Polywarmtone and Fortezzo and it is true of all the other suppliers getting their products from Forte. Once inventories build up again all of this should stabilize.