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    Super XX film pack

    I was given an old Folmer and Schwing 5x7 last fall and have just begun to take it out and use it - Wollensak Rapid Convertible lens and J&C classic film. A great combination wanting nothing more than time for me to go shooting. It came to me from a wonderful old man who put it away in 1927 and never got around to using it again - or so he said.

    He died this spring at the ripe old age of 95 and I have been getting boxes of photo stuff from his estate. The most recent box contained a Premo Film pack in 5x7 complete with Supper XX film. I know that Super XX went the way of the dinosaur in the mid 90's but I believe this is from much earlier. Don't have any way of telling how much earlier. Guess I have to shoot it and see what develops, huh?

    Problem is that I have no idea how to use a film pack. This one has black paper tabs sticking out that start at the number 2. I assume I pull out the darkslide shoot, replace the darkslide, pull out the tab and start all over again. I also assume I should rate it at about asa 50 due to it's age.

    Does the number 2 indicate that there may be a number 1 (all exposed and ready for me to develop it) lurking in there? I have other film from this man and I love to look back at the life of a RI farmer through his images. He was a WWII photographer and the most amazing packrat I ever met.

    Advice? Instruction? I've read the threads about developing expired film and will be using HC110 per Donald Qualls' advice. I don't expect much but hey, if I don't try it I'll always wonder what could have happened.

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    I have sent you an email with a file containing the instructions for the film pack. I wasn't able to get it to load here in APUG so that's why the email. I am assuming that you have the Film Pack Adpater that holds the film pack in place on the camera. If you have any other questions about the film pack let me know and I will see what I can do to help




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