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My vote would be for the pages. At our lab we no longer recommend these as the best way to store negatives. One of the reason is that over time the negatives will develop fine line scratches if they are taken in and out of the pages often enough. This was rarely a noticable problem until people started scanning their negatives. We now recommed the fold lock sleeves and envelopes.
This is what I had suspected all along, but I wanted everyone's advice nonetheless. The next roll I develop I will not put in a sleeve and scan it first. I'll let you guys and gals know what happens.

By the way, I've never heard of fold lock sleeves and envelopes. Where can I buy them. Incidentally, I've been using PrintFile pages up until now. Since I don't contact print anymore, I don't see the point in using them.

Thanks for all the replies so far!