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    Quote Originally Posted by Leon
    Hmm - I heard that it was now made by Ilford, although I'm not sure if this is infact the case. Either way, this warmtone version really is something special compared with other WT papers I've used - eg Ilford MGFB WT and Fotospeed Legacy. I've not tried Kentmere or Forte so I cant compare it to them.

    Frank, I got it from peter hogan's site - www.monochromephotography.com - but since, Tom has told me that Mr Cad often does good deals on oriental papers - two for the price of one kind of things so that makes it much more accessible.
    Yikes. My (VC and G) paper liths wonderfully, both the VC and graded. I bought mine some time back tho so may be different. I have heard that the GF replacement for 'G' is definitely not the same, so maybe this is what Peter Hogan is talking about. The WT stuff I have defintely is not a Forte or Ilford paper as far as I can tell, so I can only deduce that I have old stock from the good old days. This is a major, major shame. I have no idea what I will replace the VC/G with and I don't have as much left as I would like. My other favourite neutral (ish) papers are all gone or in danger: Ploymax fine art and Agfa MCC.


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    Just to clarify -

    The quote I posted was from the Silverprint website http://www.silverprint.co.uk and the statement was issued by them.

    Seagull is still shown as available on the Mr Cad website http://www.mrcad.co.uk and Pete Hogan's website http://www.monochromephotography.com
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