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Thread: B+W Films

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    The idea was to provide a film for handheld shooting and one that could be used in any situation, but necessarily one that would be optimal.

    If you are always going to shoot in full sun, pick one of the slow films I recommended.
    I find D76 or Id 11 undiluted gives stunning negs with delta 100. You just can`t do better than this, but my preference is to be as close to the large format look as I can get. If you like, gritty sharp negs, dilute the developer 1:3, but use 4 oz of developer and 12 oz of water ( large tank). You need the full 4 oz. Diluting 1:1 gives an inbetween look.

    Delta 400 looks good in DDX, as does 100, undiluted ID 11, Xtol. Diluted ID 11 looks crummy with Id11.

    See, I spent a lot of time checking things out, time better spent photographing and printing.

    The advice about a tripod is good. My older Pentax cameras, Nikon, Cannon, all do better with tripods. Rangefinder cameras have less vibration problems.
    1f you want to shoot stage plags with available light, this is not the way to go.

    Mix the ID 11 or D76 , cool a couple hours with food wrap on the top, and put into 8 oz glass bottles for one time use and throw it away. Do not allow air to get to the developer in a half full bottle. If you have not stirred too much air into it mixing, it will last 6 months and give consistent results. Keep in the dark.

    Do some initial setting up by shooting 6 exposures on the roll, pull out just that much in the dark and develope that. When you are confident you know what you are doing, then shoot something of value.

    Plastic tanks require more than 8 oz, so you can add a little water to make up the volumn, but you will have to increase the time a little. Or store developer in 10 oz empty soda bottles.

    Agitate the film per instructions. People who agitate too little get marks on their films.

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    Thanks for the opinions guys. re: using a tripod, I have been a lot, but I just haven't shared any where I did. Given your advice, I will stick to FP4 as my standard and buy my own tripod. I do enjoy using them and think that I'll usually be wanting to photograph things that lend themselves to one. I'll keep freehand stuff for situations with plenty of light or for effect.

    Bear in mind that the photos you've seen were on family holidays not devoted to photography and single attemps because of that.

    Knowledge talks, wisdom listens.

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