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Thread: Wolf Deep Tank

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    Wolf Deep Tank

    Hi All.

    I have a tendency toward the unusual, so when I saw this developing tank on eBay, and was able to buy it for a dollar I did. It's apparently for 120 roll film, although it says for roll or sheet film, but I don't see how you would use it with sheet film. It's almost 2' tall, and has what looks like a phenolic sheet inside that would act as the 'reel'. You would basically fold the 120 film in half with this part between the 2 halves, then clip the film to the sheet to hold it in place. I tried it for doing semi-stand development and while being different, and slightly awkward, it worked ok.

    I'm just wondering if using a tank like this would be of any benefit to stand or semi stand development, or if a normal spiral tank will do just as well?

    Has anyone else here ever used or even seen one of these tanks?

    I also just bought a genuine Nikor adjustable stainless steel roll film reel & tank (standard 16oz tank, with a special reel that adjusts from 35mm to 127,120, and 116 sized film, I'd never seen one of these before either!

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