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    I think most people will feel safer advising you to go the same route they went (its hard to tell someone to do something you've never done. hard to be honest about it, anyway), so I would take all suggestions to heart.

    I'm sorry not to have a suggestion for you, but I've been thinking about a LF ever since I used one in a studio.

    The only thing I can suggest is for you to go to a bookstore (or library), sit down and study your favorite photographers. I've done that (and still do from time to time) and it helps tremendously.


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    As you probably have surmised - LF is very different than roll film photography. Everything about it takes longer. Because of the time and effort - I am more choosy - I print one or two negs on a roll of 120 film and consider that a success - With 4x5 or 8x10 it is more like 4 out of 5. I consider each view thoughfully and then set up - I try different lenses - I try a filter - or not. I change the aspect from landscape to portrait. Getting the tilts right can be time consuming. Don't be afraid to stop down - after you ruin a lot of sheets with poor DOF, you realize there is nothing sacred about f16. The wait for a calm moment for your 2 second exposure .... ...... All in all - it is very deliberate art creation. It is not well suited for shooting spontanious kids at play. That is why there are Blads. If you are a decisive moment photographer - LF may be a very big challenge. I like MF and I like LF - anything smaller just doesn't give me the results I want - and I am always happeir with the bigger negs - I wish they all could be 8x10! - But that is yet another order of magnitude in weight and cost and ever technique to some extent. If I could only have one camera it would be the 4x5 - I love the 8x10 but it cannot go where I go. I still would not give up on MF though.
    My photos are always without all that distracting color ...

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